How to Use Your iPhone to Look Up Car Dashboard Symbols
Regardless of the kind of automobile you drive, the lights on the dashboard are standardized, so the basic icons have the same meanings. Using the Visual Look Up feature, your iPhone can provide clarification if you’re not exactly clear what one of these indicators is attempting to tell you. This is the same Visual Look Up tool that can tell you what kind of plant you are looking at or tell you about a well-known landmark, but in iOS 17, Apple made it possible to recognize dashboard signals from cars.

Can I Find Out What’s Wrong With My Car Through My iPhone?
The symbols on your dashboard have meanings that Visual Look Up can explain to you, but it cannot provide you with any additional details. For instance, if Visual Look Up detects the presence of a check engine light, it will provide you with a link to a page explaining the symbol’s significance; nevertheless, it won’t inform you of the nature of the problem with your vehicle.

In that case, you would find out that the onboard computer in your automobile has detected a trouble code, but nothing more detailed. Since a check engine light might come on for a variety of reasons, you would need to employ a car code reader or scan equipment to proceed further without seeking professional help.

In other instances, it suffices to understand a symbol’s meaning. For instance, you can stop fretting if Visual Look Up indicates that the symbol you’re seeing on your dashboard is the defroster indicator—it simply indicates that the defroster is on.

Some lights, such as the ones that show low oil pressure and an overheating engine, are more concerning. The reason your engine is overheating or the oil pressure is low is not anything Visual Look Up can explain. Even so, you can prevent more engine damage by knowing that it’s unsafe to drive with those warning lights on and that it’s time to get professional assistance.

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